3. ServletContext parameters

  • ServletContext is an interface in javax.servlet package
  • Web container vendor provides implementing class for the same
  • One Web application has only one ServletContext object i.e. one for all servlets
  • Data is shared among all web components
  • Data that is common among all users and across all servlet can be stored in ServletContext
  • ServletContext object can be obtained from ServletConfig.getServletContext
  • This data can be specified in web.xml

    <param-value>Info Campus</param-value>

Fetch ServletContext parameters using getInitParameter

//Get context parameter values
ServletContext ctx = cfg.getServletContext();
String instituteName = ctx.getInitParameter("institute");

Fetch ServletContext parameters using getInitParameterNames

ServletContext ctx = cfg.getServletContext();
   Enumeration ctxParamEnum = ctx.getInitParameterNames();
  List ctxParamList = Collections.list(ctxParamEnum);
  for (String ctxParam : ctxParamList) {
"); }
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