JSP Interview Questions


  1. What is the life-cycle of JSP?
  2. What all JSP lifecycle methods can you override in your JSP application?
  3. How many implicit objects you have in JSP, name them?
  4. What is the difference between include directive and include action tag?
  5. What is the purpose of scriptlets in JSP? What’s the syntax of it?
  6. How to handle an exception in JSP?
  7. What is expression language in JSP?
  8. How do you disable a session on a particular JSP page?
  9. Explain JSTL?
  10. What are the advantages of JSP over Servlet?
  11. What JSP lifecycle methods can I override?
  12. What are the different types of JSP tags?
  13. What are JSP directives?
  14. Difference Between include Directive and include Action of JSP
  15. Is it possible for one JSP to extend another java class if yes how?
  16. What is < jsp:usebean >tag why it is used.
  17. Why is _jspService() method starting with an '_' while other life cycle methods do not?
  18. what is the need of tag library?
  19. How can you pass information form one jsp to included jsp?
  20. How can multiple submits due to refresh button clicks be prevented?
  21. Is JSP technology extensible?
  22. Differentiate between response.sendRedirect(url) and .
  23. Can a subsequent request be accessed with one’s servlet code, if a request attribute is already sent in his JSP?
  24. Why is it that JComponent have add() and remove() methods but Component doesn’t?
  25. How to restrict page errors display in a JSP page?
  26. Can constructor be used instead of init(), to initialize servlet?
  27. Explain the uses of tag.
  28. Explain pge Directives.
  29. Explain jsp:plugin action.
  30. What is a hit count for a Webpage? How do you implement hit counter in JSP?
  31. How can I implement a thread-safe JSP page? What are the advantages and Disadvantages of using it?
  32. How can I prevent the output of my JSP or Servlet pages from being cached by the browser?(OR) How to disable caching on the back button of the browser?
  33. What are the primary differences between the JSP custom tags and java beans?
  34. Can an interface be implemented in the JSP file?
  35. How can the applets be displayed in the JSP? Explain with an example.
  36. How to use JSP EL to get HTTP method name?


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