JDBCInterview Questions


  1. What is a JDBC driver and how many JDBC drivers are available?
  2. Which JDBC driver is the fastest driver?
  3. What are the JDBC API components?
  4. What are the JDBC statements?
  5. What are the advantages of using PreparedStatement in Java?
  6. What is ResultSet? What are types of ResultSet?
  7. Explain the difference between RowSet vs. ResultSet in JDBC?
  8. Why would you use setAutoCommit(false) in JDBC?
  9. What are database warnings in JDBC and how can we handle database warnings in JDBC?
  10. Can I get a null ResultSet?
  11. What do you mean by Metadata and why we are using it?
  12. What is the difference between executing, executeQuery, executeUpdate in JDBC?
  13. What is database connection pooling? Advantages of using a connection pool?
  14. What is the function of DriverManager class?
  15. What is the meaning of batch updates?
  16. How many packages are available in JDBC API?
  17. What is the return type of execute, executeQuery and executeUpdate?
  18. What is the role of Class.forName while loading drivers?
  19. JDBC-ODBC Bridge is multi-threaded or not?
  20. Which interface handles transaction management in JDBC?
  21. Why “No suitable driver” error occurs?
  22. Prepared Statements are faster. Why?
  23. Is it possible to connect to multiple databases? Using single statement can we update or extract data from two or three or many databases?
  24. Tell me difference between setMaxRows(int) and SetFetchSize(int)?
  25. Tell me about special characters?
  26. What is the meaning of “dirty read” in the database?
  27. What do you mean by two phase commits?
  28. How many locking systems are there in JDBC?
  29. What are the exceptions in JDBC?
  30. Give steps to connect to the DB using JDBC?
  31. Explain the JDBC Architecture?
  32. What are the new features available in JDBC 4.0?
  33. What are the packages are used in JDBC?
  34. How many RowSet are available in JDBC?
  35. What is the meaning of connection?
  36. Explain JDBC Savepoint?
  37. List the advantages of using DataSource?
  38. What is the reason why we need a JdbcRowSet like the wrapper around ResultSet?
  39. How many ways that we can view a result set?
  40. How many ways can you update a result set?
  41. Why should we close database connections in Java?
  42. Why are we using blob datatypes in JDBC?
  43. How to set the attribute Concurrency in ResultSet?
  44. What is the difference between client and server database cursors?
  45. How do you insert images into Database using JDBC?


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